You can’t just throw your hat into one ring

This is an interesting time in the process of setting up an exhibition. We are awaiting further communication from the gallery about our proposal (a further response is due in January). The necessary balance with other work and commitments (you can’t just throw your hat into one ring) meant it was not at all surprising that two members of the collective were unable to make this meeting.

We discussed our research resources and shared how they were or were not inspiring us together with the lack of forward momentum. It was though, interesting to note, through these conversations, that both artists were being drawn particularly to the historical aspects of the location and starting to move away from our original impetus, which is the beauty of research… who knows where it may lead.

A great deal of the discussion centred on our process as artists. The desire to continue mark making when that feels the last thing we are able to do, be that due to time constraints or disengagement.

The pressure we place on ourselves to create ‘a work of art’, even when life serves us other challenges to distract us from the practice, we both agreed was palpable. Creating, in whatever small way, is such an essential part of our daily life, it should be without chastisement that our produce is irrelevant or judge it on technical ability or aesthetic reasoning. Every mark has its place, even if it just allows us to stop, look and see for the briefest of moments, and go through the process. It may be that this documents the time they happen in or, they could offer the insight onto a new path. Only time and reflection will tell.

These are a few images that illustrate just this point. Both artists are working by just looking at the subject and not the pad. When the subject has gone, so the marks are complete.  Jo adds one colour later, the  colour from the subject that she finds most memorable.

This is a quick, responsive and rather liberating process for both artists.

Caroline Lumb – Mountain range

Caroline Lumb – Paddy fields

Caroline Lumb – Wild elephants

Jo Howe – Swans

Jo Howe – Leaves on water

Jo Howe – Fire


Meeting up

We’ve just had a brief catch up today –primarily to ask ourselves a few questions:

What source materials are we collecting?

Janie has trolled through some of the local book shops and found a good range of books etc –

Caroline has been visiting buildings of interest

Jo has begun to explore The Book of Saint  Albans

What have we been working on / achieved since we last met?

Mark is currently snowed under with commissions. Always in demand!

Janie has been awarded 3rd prize in the New Maynard Open Exhibition. Well done Janie!

Jo has moved house and is revelling in her new canal boat. Jo is also preparing new work for  a group show early next year specifically with the visually impaired gallery visitor experience in mind.

Caroline visited the Renzo Piano exhibition at the Royal Academy – wonderful!
A visit was made to Cambridge to a seminar on Art & Communication – up lifting!
Caroline showed a new piece of work created by layering – a method that she is keen to take forward to future work – this prompted a good conversation and sparked ideas in another member’s mind to do with 3 dimensional layering – the artist already works in this manner but the conversation expressed it in a different way and trigger new thoughts.

Janie loaned Caroline the book ‘The Art of Looking Sideways’ Phaidon….interesting !

It’s the little bits like this that are fruitful and we left with our creative thoughts rushing ahead.

“The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Our next meeting with be on the canal boat – whoopie !!!

Welcome to The Gallimaufry Collective

Proposal, planning and coffee

The artists in this collective first met in 2015 as part of the highly successful exhibition at both Rugby and Parndon Mill entitled ‘Paper. Scissors, Stone’ Since then four of the artists involved in that exhibition have been meeting regularly and have formed

The Gallimaufry Collective.

They have started planning a new exhibition and this website / blog will take the form of a record of the collaborative development of their individual work. Each artist will focus on their own specialism and a particular line of visual research that interests them. They will be meeting regularly both to challenge and support one another’s perception, ideas and techniques thereby building a cohesive body of work.

Who are the artists?

Janie Graham

Janie is known for her work with books – illustrating the content in a 3D form.

Caroline Lumb

Caroline is a mixed media artists who is also interesting in tradition drawing techniques.

Jo Howe

Jo is a contemporary artist who brings forth new narratives and broad interpretations

Mark L’Argent

Mark is a professional calligrapher who produces modern innovative pieces.

The collective have so far met once on this particular journey. They have been working together on a proposal for an exhibition,  – just submitted – the outcome of the submission will determine the direction for the next steps.

As soon as an outcome of the submission is known to the collective we will be blogging about it and will be able to give you much more detail!

We are very excited about this new venture and hope you will be too as it unfolds.

Please join us on this journey of discovery and sign up on the contacts page to receive notification of when we post the next blog.