Welcome to The Gallimaufry Collective

Proposal, planning and coffee

The artists in this collective first met in 2015 as part of the highly successful exhibition at both Rugby and Parndon Mill entitled ‘Paper. Scissors, Stone’ Since then four of the artists involved in that exhibition have been meeting regularly and have formed

The Gallimaufry Collective.

They have started planning a new exhibition and this website / blog will take the form of a record of the collaborative development of their individual work. Each artist will focus on their own specialism and a particular line of visual research that interests them. They will be meeting regularly both to challenge and support one another’s perception, ideas and techniques thereby building a cohesive body of work.

Who are the artists?

Janie Graham

Janie is known for her work with books – illustrating the content in a 3D form.


Caroline Lumb

Caroline is a mixed media artists who is also interesting in tradition drawing techniques.


Jo Howe

Jo is a contemporary artist who brings forth new narratives and broad interpretations


Mark L’Argent

Mark is a professional calligrapher who produces modern innovative pieces.


The collective have so far met once on this particular journey. They have been working together on a proposal for an exhibition,  – just submitted – the outcome of the submission will determine the direction for the next steps.

As soon as an outcome of the submission is known to the collective we will be blogging about it and will be able to give you much more detail!

We are very excited about this new venture and hope you will be too as it unfolds.

Please join us on this journey of discovery and sign up on the contacts page to receive notification of when we post the next blog.