Meeting up

‘To look is to learn, if you listen carefully.’

Per Arnoldi

We’ve just had a brief catch up today –primarily to ask ourselves a few questions:

What source materials are we collecting?

Janie has trolled through some of the local book shops and found a good range of books etc –

Caroline has been visiting buildings of interest

Jo has begun to explore The Book of Saint  Albans

What have we been working on / achieved since we last met?

Mark is currently snowed under with commissions. Always in demand!

Janie has been awarded 3rd prize in the New Maynard Open Exhibition. Well done Janie!

Jo has moved house and is revelling in her new canal boat. Jo is also preparing new work for  a group show early next year specifically with the visually impaired gallery visitor experience in mind.

Caroline visited the Renzo Piano exhibition at the Royal Academy – wonderful!
A visit was made to Cambridge to a seminar on Art & Communication – up lifting!
Caroline showed a new piece of work created by layering – a method that she is keen to take forward to future work – this prompted a good conversation and sparked ideas in another member’s mind to do with 3 dimensional layering – the artist already works in this manner but the conversation expressed it in a different way and trigger new thoughts.

Janie loaned Caroline the book ‘The Art of Looking Sideways’ Phaidon….interesting !

It’s the little bits like this that are fruitful and we left with our creative thoughts rushing ahead.

“The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Our next meeting with be on the canal boat – whoopie !!!

Caroline Lumb

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