A festive revisit to the gallery space.

‘Thoughts are the least

silent things I know

they jostle and nudge

and vie for position

single spies, battalions

exploding bladderwrack

long linked lines of

genetic information

multi – tracked

as a cream slice.’

Sarah Lidell, Thoughts

Now that the space has different exhibitions installed, we felt it really useful to have another look at them and how they were being utilised.

Gallery shadows

It was useful to see how adaptable they could be and consider possible alternatives with the use of light and structure in different areas.

Transient spaces
Transient spaces

We reconvened for the obligatory coffee and cake in the cafe.  Because it’s the Christmas season, brussel sprouts would have to be on the menu!

Sprout cake

We chatted about the spaces and how they would work for our ideas. We also caught up on where we were with the work. It was interesting talking about Janie’s ideas and how they can lead down various paths depending on what else surfaces through her research. Exciting how this research is leading her to develop work with new materials.

Janie Graham – Wire soldier

We also considered where else we should be applying  to show new work as a collective. Lots of thoughts came with this and plenty of new leads to follow.

A brief break at Christmas and then plenty of work to be getting on with in January.

Lets see what 2019 has to offer The Gallimaufry Collective.

Seasonal greetings.



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