Development of practice – exploring pathways

Caroline shared her ongoing experimentation with the St Albans Abbey site.


‘One of many visits to St Albans abbey resulted in me taking numerous photographs. My initial thoughts were to investigate the gargoyles as I have been working with casts and portraiture over the past couple of years.  However on this particular visit, the lighting inside the abbey drew me to explore the perpendicular and horizontal elements of the architecture.  The resulting images gave me my palette to work with and the upward motion of the building abstracted the viewpoint.  Working in the studio I have made a first attempt to capture this on a 10”x10” canvas using acrylic paints.   This I see as a starting point – I. Now have many more canvases of various sizes that will be used in the following development.  What will the outcome be ?   I wonder.’

Initial response


Jo spoke of her response to ‘The Boke of St Albans’ being so loosely connected to the St Albans community. It is becoming a journey of creating a new book, starting out as a personal project but with a mind to develop into a community tome. Jo is exploring book structures, mark making and the idea that ‘no mark is wrong’. This is the start point for a work  ‘signatures’.

Exploring marks
Exploring marks


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