The business of being artists

‘To be truly experienced, a work of art needs to be felt, more than understood.’

Michael Craig Martin, Drawing the Line.

We discussed various lines of enquiry including opportunities at various sites including St Albans, Highgate, Berkhampstead and a now concrete booking in Harlow.

There was a great deal of conversation about the way organisations require (or desire) different types of communication from enthusiastic artists approaching them. Sadly, these can very much directly conflict each other dependent on the personalities behind the door. What was agreed upon however, was the benefit of ‘leaving a calling card’ but something that would give enough information, be engaging and of course creative. We have all gone away with tasks and this will become the focus for our next meeting.

We also discussed our online presence and what we need to do to develop this. It’s all very well having a website, but no use if the authors of the site are the only ones seeing it. So, development of social media accounts and timely sharing of information and images are called for.

In amongst all the business, we fortunately still had time to share where we are at creatively. You can’t have a meeting of artists without visuals!

Janie Graham talked about her research into workhouses in Hertfordshire and the link with her new work.

Work in progress

‘Work in progress – Charles Dickens’ second novel Oliver Twist is a gripping tale of life on London’s darker side, the workhouses and the dark alleys. A scathing attack on injustice and oppression. This maquette illustrates Oliver Twist’s brief apprenticeship to Mr Sowerberry, the undertaker.’

Having explored the inside of St Albans Abbey, Caroline Lumb was intrigued by the colours from stained glass windows and natural sources that are thrown onto the stone work. In this image she has experimented with monoprinting to capture this ethereal light.


Mono printing

Jo Howe – continued exploration of mark making

Mark making

Mark shared his latest work, Runes from the performance ‘A Brush With Silence’ – at the Round Church in Cambridge.

A sneak preview of new work ‘Narrative Spaces’ for forthcoming exhibition. Mixed media on paper.

And experiments with lettering and printing on linen, a work in progress  utilising words from ‘Welcome to The Black Parade’ by My Chemical Romance.

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