Great minds think alike

‘The Creative Process

1. This is awesome
2. This is tricky
3. This is shit
4. I am shit
5. This might be ok
6. This is awesome’

Marcus Romer

Today we discussed the ups and downs of the creative process;
something that all artists have all struggled with. By the nature of
the beast, artists often work in isolation and being part of a group
provides a supportive arena in which we can share our struggles
and applaud each other’s successes. We have all found this
process invaluable and every meeting serves to consolidate our
common sense of purpose and direction.

To that end it was proposed that we agreed to nominate, at
regular intervals, a subject / title that we will all interpret through
our own mediums / techniques with the purpose of producing a
cohesive body of work from the group. We felt this would prove to
be a valuable exercise in itself but in addition a way of presenting
our work to Galleries that would gain their attention.

After refreshments (the obligatory cake) and hilarious anecdotes
about Caroline’s holiday we knuckled down to the subject of self promotion.

Mark has designed a dynamic Group logo. Jo is continuing her
work on our website and Caroline and Mark are to meet to
promote our social media profile. Janie had researched
promotional material and presented various options covering
paper samples, formats and design in order to present ourselves to
Galleries, patrons and other interested parties, in a professional

After some discussion we homed in on a particular
design and format and Jo plans to be able to provide a sample
for our next meeting. Creating a promotional ‘art’ piece, we felt
would create more impact and lend credibility to our creativity
and professionalism. Mark provided valuable information about
‘in-house’ production.

We all look forward to our next meeting.

Post author: Janie Graham


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