What’s in a title?

showing planning materials

As it was the beginning of Summer, it was no surprise that we were all dressed in raincoats
and pullovers for a visit to the Bunyan Museum in Bedford to discuss the
forthcoming/proposed Gallimaufry Collective Autumn 2019 exhibition, and to take a look at
the venue.

The outward journey in torrential rain was the perfect time, not for a game of i-spy, but to
debate names and possible strap lines for exhibitions, and how these are perceived by
artists and non-artists, and whether their relevance and reference should be to the artworks
themselves, or a suggestion or allusion to the exhibition, and if that should be specific or
non-specific – and how, or if, this can be achieved within a group dynamic.

It was decided that an extendable and related theme would best focus the direction and intention of the works, but also add some continuity to exhibiting the collective pieces over an extended period at differing venues.

We concluded that the forthcoming Bunyan Exhibition will be called…



The 2020 show at Parndon Mill Gallery to be called…



Basement at the Bunyan is a good-sized, open exhibition space with lots of potential and  a super friendly team organising overseeing proceedings. The Gallimaufry Collective will be delighted to exhibit here Tuesday 22nd to Saturday 26th October 2019 11am – 4pm. At least two of the artists will be onsite throughout the exhibition and in the Saturday, we will be having a closing event with all artists in attendance 12pm – 3pm.

And so, after discussions on the return journey regarding sharing work, ideas and driving impetus, we then arranged for a further visit to Jo’s studio for some welcome creative sustenance.

We look forward to sharing our work with you in Bedford. Click here for more information

Written by

Mark L’Argent 


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