Exhibition preparation is not just a studio activity

Today’s Gallimaufry meeting was a chance to see how everyone has been getting on with their work, to see how well it is progressing (or not) and to offer some pointers, advice, moral support, encouragement, technical know how, craft skills, general knowledge and experience to each other. A lot of ground is covered in a short amount of concentrated time and it’s good to hear that perhaps you’ve not been alone in suffering for your art, be that physically or psychologically – or at the very least getting oneself motivated.

The group crit is always useful in giving clarity or direction or just general encouragement and it is additionally useful to see where the group dynamic is heading and to visualise how the different component parts of a group exhibition may be coming together, and whether there are enough differences or similarities or both. There is a flexible title that is used to support an overall direction, but no set formula as to the direction that may take, or form, and each artist takes their own unique approach to the subject and brings to or takes from it what they wish.

In a group show, it’s not possible to plan a cohesive whole – that would probably stifle creation completely, so we work as we each work, individually but as a whole, with enough optimism to appreciate that each of us will produce sufficient work to play an equal part in the overall show.

In additional to this there are all the dynamics of making the show work in the real world, the times and dates, the usual admin, the mailing lists, the email addresses, the websites, domain mapping, the venue, the invigilating, to PV or not to PV, a closing event perhaps, the posters and flyers, social media, the images, and the costs have to be chased up, boxes ticked, accounted for and progressed…

No one said it would be easy 🙂

Written by

Mark L’Argent

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