Working to a deadline

There’s nothing like a deadline to focus the mind – so this week’s meeting
was the inevitable progress report, and a detour to warm courgette cake
of course, to assess what had been done or not done, what targets had
been met or not met, and how the logistics of everything was panning

Logistics in all its forms featured quite a lot in conversation, and
considering the exhibition is a called Journeys – we’re certainly all on one
personally, feeling at times as if we’re going off on tangential adventures,
but not disappearing too far into the woods before one of the others in
Gallimaufry is calling you back out into the open, to have a look at your
existing work, share an encouraging or reassuring word or two, or a bit of
guidance, and to discuss those new adventures and journeys that evolve
as a result of the one we’re already all on..

Not only that, there’s the logistics of the exhibition too and imaginings of
the gallery layout, the size of the cabinets, what’s on the wall, what’s
going to look best and where, but naturally that will only resolve itself in
the doing, when that blank canvas gallery space invites you in to adorn its
walls, a mix of white and brick, with something engaging and interesting
and unique..

Written by

Mark L’Argent

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